Improve your productivity by using our best selling Discover wireless headset.

Get real experience with our 60-day free headset trial which will allow you to roam wireless up to 600ft, and connect one headset to both your computer and office phone!

Used by over 1,000 companies and teams including:

State Farm

Sutter Health

State of California


Features that enhance productivity.

Deliver's 2-3 times the range of other brands giving you up to 1200ft of wireless freedom!


Ultra lightweight design gives you the ability to wear the headset all day while remaining comfortable.


Connect to your computer and your office phone so your able to use one headset for all your communication needs


Over The Head - Mono

Available in the mono over the head version for those that prefer to wear over the head while still being able to hear what's going on around you. Lightweight design, with 9 hours of talk time allows you to use it for all day use.



Over The Head - Duo

When it's time to focus on the call and not the ambient noise around, the Discover D902 is the perfect fit. It not only connects to your phone but also your computer so your able to listen to your music in between phone calls.



Over The Ear 

Brings you an over the ear design with 9 hours of talk time, to allow all day comfort and it won't disrupt your perfect hair style. A Unique advantage about this model is that it has a replaceable battery, unlike comparable models from other brands.



"I use Skype for Business (VOIP) without a traditional handset on my desk. After trying five different headsets (some very expensive units), I found the Merritt Discover D-901 and have never looked back. With Skype, the Discover D-901 works flawlessly every time."

Dave Stroble, Business Analyist at Snohomish County

Discover Headsets are Perfect for Your Office!

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